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Why Go To Graduate School

Posted by Coventry Kessler on May 26, 2015 10:42:57 AM

Let's say you're in your 30s, married, with two kids, a bachelor's degree, and a job you're reasonably satisfied with. 

You know graduate school is time consuming, expensive, and often inconvenient. Even if you earn a graduate degree, there's no guarantee you'll get the job you want.

So why should you go to graduate school?

Graduate education can advance your career.

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3 Tips for Structuring Your Professional Studies Concentration

Posted by Trina Gabriel on May 15, 2015 2:06:16 PM

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies (BLS) with a concentration in Professional Studies allows for a large measure of flexibility and creativity. However, your flexibility and creativity will need some structure. It's all about having a plan.


I'm a huge football fan; and the success of a team is determined by the plays on the field during game day. Those plays are practiced over and over again with the oversight of a coaching staff. Your academic success will be determined by your daily commitment to your goals. But you're not going it alone. Your coaching staff includes an academic advisor to help you strategize your plays, adjust for changes, and keep you moving toward the end zone (like how I kept the football analogy going?)!

Part of your movement down the field includes the 30 credits which are specific to the professional studies concentration. Of these 30 credits, 12 must be earned at UNCG. So your concentration credits can be a combination of UNCG credits or transferable credits at the 300 course level or above (e.g. PSY121 will not count toward the concentration requirements).


Here's your opportunity to play on the offensive side of the field. Too often, it may feel as if you're playing defense - keeping up with policies procedures, etc. The ball is now in your hands. So in preparation for speaking with your academic advisor here are some tips for a productive discussion.
  1. Review Your Transcripts
    Is there already a grouping that comes together? Have you completed several courses within a specific discipline or area of study? Check out our blog on some possible groupings.

  2. Think About Your Goals
    Why do you want to complete this degree? What key skills are important to you? If you're not sure where to start, read our blog on How to Choose the Right Online Bachelor's Degree.

  3. Define Your Interests
    What topics excite you? Is there a direct link between your interests and goals? If you intend to take courses outside of the BLS concentration areas, are there any restrictions? How often are they offered?

Within your professional studies concentration you are not creating a second major or minor. However, you are given an opportunity to give voice to your individual academic goals. As with any plan, it's more likely to be enacted if you write it down. Map it out. And talk with your coach!

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Summer Session Financial Aid Overview

Posted by Kelly Paul on May 5, 2015 3:56:26 PM

Are you interested in taking classes during the Summer Session? Are you curious about your options for financial aid?

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So You Need to Write a Grant. We've Got a Class for That.

Posted by Coventry Kessler on Apr 30, 2015 8:58:00 AM

Your nonprofit organization has charged you with writing grants to help raise needed funding.

Economic Impact

You’re well aware of how essential nonprofits are to North Carolina: They provide one out of every 10 jobs in the state, deliver needed services like food banks and hospice care, and pour $38 billion directly into North Carolina’s economy. Your nonprofit is part of this important stream of essential services. 

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How To Choose The Right Online Bachelor's Degree

Posted by Trina Gabriel on Mar 25, 2015 9:48:13 AM

As you consider options for earning an online bachelor's degree you may be asking:  
  • How do you know which degree is right for you? 
  • What can you do with a particular degree? 
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Study Tips for Online College Courses

Posted by Kelly Paul on Mar 13, 2015 11:28:53 AM

While the learning outcomes are the same, studying for and participating in online courses is a little different than for those held on campus. So what are the differences? We've outlined them below.

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Will Your Prior Credits Transfer?

Posted by Trina Gabriel on Feb 16, 2015 1:52:25 PM

As a transfer student you're likely curious if your prior coursework will transfer to the college or university you now want to attend.

Because of the many applications received by colleges and universities you likely can't get your transcript evaluated by them before you apply because their first priority is to those who have already applied.

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It's Not About WHEN You Finish College; It's About FINISHING College

Posted by Kelly Paul on Jan 22, 2015 11:30:25 AM

Finishing college is hard. Finishing it as an adult is even harder. If it was easy a lot more than 33 percent of returning adult college students would graduate.

Finishing college also takes time. It takes time every day to attend class and complete coursework, and it takes time to complete all the required courses to earn a degree.

Almost everyone I've encountered who has considered going back to college to finish an undergraduate degree wants to do it in as little time as possible.

Many adult college students think since they're older and have some real world experience that classroom learning will be quick and easy. They somehow think they can take several classes at one time and finish their degree quickly. The result? Most end up quitting college - again.

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Advantages of Being an Adult College Student

Posted by Kelly Paul on Jan 9, 2015 3:36:29 PM

Yes, there really are advantages to being an adult college student.

When thinking about a return to college many adults imagine all the OBSTACLES they will face and forget to think about the ADVANTAGES they have as adults in the college classroom. So in case you're struggling to identify those advantages - we've outlined some for you below.

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10 Great Apps for Online College Students

Posted by Kelly Paul on Dec 18, 2014 12:42:50 PM

Attending college online is hard work. It’s even harder if you’re juggling a job and family. To make it easier, we’ve outlined 10 great Apps (some free, some with small fee) that can help you stay organized and keep the end goal in sight.

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