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4 Resolutions Worth Keeping This Year

January 23, 2017 by Karen Grossman |

image arrow2016 to left arrow 2017 to right.jpgWe have the best of intentions when making New Year’s resolutions. Somewhere along the way, many of us lose sight of the things we really need to improve. Maybe cutting sweets entirely isn’t realistic but if you can’t stick to your whole list this year, here are four resolutions worth keeping.

  1. Evaluate your career

    Are you where you want to be careerwise? What are your goals? What will help you get there? Think about what you like and dislike doing in your current job. What would you like to do more of? Consider whether you want to change jobs, fields, or companies, and what skills you already know that would help if you changed course. Maybe you’re qualified for a step up in management, or maybe it requires classes or a degree.
  1. Learn something new

    Take time to learn a new skill or hobby. It may not only be fun, but also can produce some marketable skills you can apply on the job. Starting a blog can improve writing skills. Learning a new computer program keeps you current on the latest technology. Check out online classes to see what may satisfy your interests. UNCG has new online courses that teach critical thinking, data interpretation, and problem-solving skills that you can use on the job immediately. 
  1. Volunteer

    Helping others not only provides needed support in your community, but also makes you feel good and may even help you develop new skills. From learning how nonprofits are run to finding your inner leader, volunteering may help you discover new paths and new friends. Improving lives and connecting with others give you a sense of satisfaction.
  1. Finish your degree

    So you didn’t finish your bachelor’s? You’re not alone. At least 40 percent of college students don’t, and many take more than four years to earn their degree. There’s still time to finish. Make over your career, meet new people, and learn new skills while completing your bachelor’s. There are many online options for those who have a job and a family. UNCG’s courses offer that flexibility.

Ready to finish your degree online? Find out how with UNCG.


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