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Questioning Your World in a Bachelor's Degree Completion Program

December 07, 2011 by Matt Loyd |

Image by Colin KinnerAre you someone who looks at the world around you and asks WHY? The social sciences can help you sharpen your questions and learn new tools for exploring your world.

  • WHY are some countries democracies, but others not?

  • WHY do we develop different personalities?

  • WHY do corporations move jobs overseas?

  • WHY do some smart students drop out of high school?

  • WHY do some people seem to vote against their own economic interests?

  • WHY does caring for others - children, friends, parents - often fall to women more than men?

If you’ve been away from school, out in the world, you know that answering an important WHY question is not easy or straightforward. Our social world is messy, complex, and totally fascinating!

When you are thinking of a bachelor's degree completion program, take a look at UNCG’s new Social Sciences Concentration in the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies (BLS). The social sciences are a group of disciplines that each provide a unique way to ask and answer those burning WHY questions you have about your world.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: 7 disciplines, 1 course.

You’ll be introduced to these different perspectives in SSC 301, one of two core courses in the Social Sciences Concentration. Using the movie Invictus as a starting point for discussion, faculty experts in each discipline walk you through how they approach a fundamental question in our lives: identity. Who are you? What defines you? WHY?

UNCG Social Sciences Concentration introductory page

You’ll not only see how faculty approach big questions--you’ll get hands-on practice exploring the world in each discipline.

Some examples:

  • Participating in an online experiment to learn how you can measure unconscious attitudes we hold about other people. (Psychology)

  • Visualizing changes in countries using data from the United Nations to decide which country you would invest in. (Economics)

  • Reading interactive maps to understand how infrastructure (sewers, roads, broadband internet, etc.) affects our daily lives in cities and why this might be changing. (Geography)

You won’t become an expert in seven different disciplines in one course, but you will hone your ability to ask important questions and understand your world from many different perspectives.

Find out more about the the BLS Social Sciences Concentration, and check out other bachelor's degree completion programs at UNCG.

What questions about your world are most interesting or important to you? Which social science discipline(s) do you think could help you answer those questions?

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