Ideas to spark a love of learning

Posted by Matt Loyd on Feb 8, 2012 9:00:00 AM

This is the first in a series of four posts on love and education here at the UNCG Online Blog
heartLove of learning, learning for life, lifelong learning–do any of these sound familiar? In my world (higher education), these words are so common they don't hold much meaning for me anymore. Lately I've been thinking about how to imbue "lifelong learning" again with that spark, that excitement I feel that education promises.

Of course, learning doesn't just happen in a classroom or in front of a computer (duh). But investing time in school provides access to new ideas that can help you develop an attitude, a way of approaching the world that is energized, flexible, and creative.  That's what makes "lifelong learning" meaningful for me – a sense of wonder, openness, and exploration you bring to all corners of your life.

Ideas I fell in love with in my own education, and have been important in my life:

  1. The time and place we are born in determine a lot about the paths our lives take. 

  2. Carefully choosing a random sample of people can give us more accurate information about a group than trying to count everyone.

  3. Just because two things are related doesn't mean one causes the other, or that you understand exactly why one causes the other.

Ideas I'm excited about may not mean much or they may be boring to you (sorry!). I think you have to find your own favorite ideas and use them in lots of different situations to realize their real power.

Ideas become powerful and exciting when you can put them to use–how do they help you make sense of the world, of the human experience? This is where I find passion, where I fall in love with education.

What ideas have made a difference in your life?  What do you love most about education?

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