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From Playgrounds to Courtrooms, Peace and Conflict Studies Applies to Many Fields

January 25, 2017 by Karen Grossman |

Two Knights on Chess BoardIf January is any indication, 2017 will have no shortage of conflict. Understanding how to create peace and resolve conflict goes beyond politics. It's used every day in neighborhoods, schoolyards, the work place, and the courtroom.

For students looking for ways to help solve problems within society, a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies teaches necessary skills to help build an environment needed for peace, social change, and respect for human rights. 

Why Peace and Conflict Studies?

Conflict is a part of life. Families, organizations, and communities around the world experience it. Through a Peace and Conflict Studies program students learn needed skills for peaceful resolutions, such as mediation, negotiation, violence intervention, and collaborative problem solving. Students practice conflict management and resolution within organizations, communities, and professional and personal settings. Ideally, they learn to find the best outcome for everyone involved.

Graduates can apply those skills in real-world situations such as landlord-tenant disputes, international peace talks, playground bullying, and human rights advocacy, while working in many professional settings: refugee services, civil defense, community development, the Peace Corps, education, law, human resources, health care, and politics. 

UNCG offers 3 online programs

Decide which Peace and Conflict Studies program is right for you. UNCG has three online options. Students can earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree or a graduate certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies.

  • The bachelor’s degree focuses on conflict intervention and prevention, and promotes peace studies and research. It is made up completely of online courses, such as Peace and Violence in the Modern World, with no set class times, allowing students freedom to set their own schedules.

  • An online master’s program focuses on resolving the challenges people face as individuals or larger groups, such as diversity, human rights, and social justice. Designed for careers such as mediation, education, and negotiation, students can take courses like Resolving Conflict in Health Care Systems and Gender and Peacebuilding.

  • Students can earn a graduate certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies in one year and classes are taught online at set times. If you’ve already earned a graduate degree and want to change career paths, this certificate lets you specialize in conflict resolution. Or it can upgrade your current job skills. Credits earned in this program can go toward the master’s in conflict resolution.

Look for a qualified program

At UNCG, each Peace and Conflict Studies program is taught online by experienced faculty. An accredited program from a reputable university like UNCG means you can transfer college credit or apply for financial aid. 

Want to learn more? UNCG offers three online programs in Peace and Conflict Resolution.


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