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August 01, 2017 by Karen Grossman |

You may have heard a lot about Design Thinking lately, but what exactly is it? Phyllis L. Fagell describes in an article in The Washington Post how design thinking is “a method of problem-solving that relies on empathy, observation and careful listening.” It’s a concept she has used for tricky parenting situations, observing her child to know what works best with his personality. She describes how it can help raise resourceful kids because the approach doesn’t lead to one right solution, but instead testing several ideas to find what works best.


Fagell says that parents can help spark creativity and resourcefulness in children using various strategies:

  • Experimenting with ideas instead of setting a lot of rules
  • Parenting based on each child’s needs
  • Providing distance to allow kids to solve their problems without stepping in to do it for them
  • Finding compromises that make everyone happy instead of either/or solutions
  • Presenting several approaches to a scenario and letting kids determine the option that suits them


Thinking about a different approach to problem solving?

UNCG teaches Design Thinking on the graduate and undergraduate levels as part of two of its online programs: the Bachelor of Science in Integrated Professional Studies and the Master of Arts in Applied Arts and Sciences.

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