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Innovative, Flexible, and Online—UNCG's Master of Arts in Dance Education

August 27, 2018 by Miranda Lim |

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UNC Greensboro’s Master of Arts in Dance Education (MADE) program is tailored for dance educators with a passion for working in the field. Director Mila Parrish explains, “Our program fits the working life of a professional educator, whether your focus is K–12, higher education, or running a dance studio or arts organization—the program works with your career.”

Unlike most traditional dance education programs, students don’t need to attend every class face-to-face. Here, the digital world is their stage!

Hone Your Craft Online

As a hybrid online program, combining online coursework with on-campus summer sessions, the MA in Dance Education allows graduate students to take courses that fit within their personal and professional responsibilities. “MADE stood out because I was able to complete the program while working full-time,” says student Mary Mattmann. The degree consists of 36 credit hours and can be completed in as little as three years.

The curriculum is designed to enhance students’ existing skills. “Our students have complex and brilliant professional lives, and you don’t have to give that up,” says Dr. Parrish. Offering courses online gives students the opportunity to continue their careers and grow inside their profession while completing their degree.

Join a Supportive, Collaborative Community

Students work through their courses independently online, with colleagues and instructors acting as a supportive presence throughout the digital learning experience. Student Amy Crow says the cohort model was exceptionally helpful. “Our constant communication allows us to feel like we’re on campus, even miles away,” she says.

This peer collaboration is critical. Interactive tools like online chats and virtual class sessions guide interpersonal connections as students complete assignments and learn from each other.

In addition to online courses during the spring and fall semesters, cohorts meet on the UNC Greensboro campus for face-to-face learning experiences over two weeks for three summers.

“The summer sessions create long-lasting bonds and friendships,” Dr. Parrish explains. Students with diverse backgrounds from all over the world come together to work and learn as a group. These networks provide invaluable support for students throughout their time in the program and as they continue on their professional journeys.

Transform Your Teaching and Research

The MA in Dance Education program gives students access to dance professionals, leading scholars, and talented peers. Students grow as educators, scholars, and researchers through application-based, relevant coursework and by attending conferences and establishing research interests.

“The program teaches artistry, critical thinking, and technical skills that are essential to a dancer’s growth and creative process through scholarly inquiry,” Amy says. “The opportunity to meet other professionals and work collaboratively with them really enhances our careers.”

Students will acquire tools and best practices as they study under industry professionals, ultimately expanding their worldview. By transforming their perspective of dance, students develop their voice as working practitioners.

“I am equipped to consider different curriculum and teaching methods, and how my students would respond to them,” Mary says. “I am no longer struggling through the dark trying to figure out how and what to teach.”

Learn More

The MADE program is growing quickly. “We’re looking for creative, passionate dance educators,” Dr. Parrish says. “Our students share vibrant and dynamic insights and are invested in educating others about what’s possible in dance.”

Visit the College of Visual and Performing Art’s webpage or explore the program overview to download an online student guide.



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