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Taking the Fear Out of Online Learning

October 26, 2017 by Miranda Lim |
Take-Fear-out-of-Online-Learning.jpgCackling witches, shuffling zombies, eerie ghosts, online classes... Wait, what? Creepy ghouls aside, online learning is nothing to be afraid of! Here are a few reasons why.

Instructor Support

Forget sitting by yourself on a dark, stormy night with no one to hear you ask for help. That would spook us, too! In an online course, you’re not alone. Your instructor is still accessible by phone, email, or video conference. Professors even hold office hours online and may host digital tutorial sessions as well.

Peer Support

Haunted by the fear of solitude, and want a friend to share in the online learning experience? You’ll be in an online course with multiple other students! You’ll likely collaborate on group work and projects during your course. Just like your instructor, your classmates are only an email, phone call, or video chat away.


You don’t need to brew up a magic spell in a witch’s cauldron to succeed in an online course—obtaining an Internet-connected device will do! Of course, online courses may include new technology or tools you haven’t used before. But, to get started, you only need the basics—a laptop or desktop computer with wifi, speakers, mic, and webcam. Not sure you’ve got what you need? Check out our recommended technology standards.


If you’re getting goosebumps about furthering your education online instead of in a traditional classroom, calm your nerves by considering the flexibility an online learning experience offers. For example, course materials are often provided in multiple formats online. Prefer to watch a video about the subject matter, or would you rather read a textbook chapter? In an online class, you can usually choose the study methods that work best for you.


The cost of an online class is worth screaming about—but maybe not for the reasons you think! UNCG’s online course offerings are affordable, costing less than the price of equivalent face-to-face courses while maintaining exceptional quality. Financial aid options are also available for online students.


That mysterious bump in the night? It’s just the sound of you rifling through your textbooks when you study after dark! Or in the early morning, mid-afternoon, or any other time your schedule permits. Online classes can conveniently fit your lifestyle. Some courses have regular online meeting times, and others leave you to do your own thing throughout the semester. Just grab your computing device with an Internet connection, and you’re in class. It’s no trick—balancing work, life, and family with school can be a treat!

You Faced Your Fears!

With personal support, innovative technology, and affordable convenience and flexibility, pursuing your education online doesn’t have to be scary! Now, take a brief quiz to learn if online courses are a good fit for you.
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