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The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies - Specialized Areas of Focus

July 24, 2014 by Kelly Paul |
Kelly Paul
NotesMost college  majors offer a pretty standard curriculum: the most important topics in the major organized chronologically or from most basic to most advanced.

UNCG's Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, however, does things a little differently. It's like a huge buffet with wildly interesting dishes organized into four kinds of courses. And while they're not Appetizer, Main Dish, Side Dishes, and Dessert, each grouping offers items that are tasty, nutritious and sometimes totally unexpected.

Selected Topics in Literature focuses on what we learn from written stories. You can order a standard genre offering (Contemporary Short Stories or The Art and Craft of the Memoir), or explore literature of a particular time and place (The Russian Novel of Conscience or Contemporary Asian Literature).Most adventurous are the courses that delve into unexpected topics in depth: Evil and the Quest for Knowledge: Faust; and Mystery, Mayhem, and Murder.

Selected Topics in the Fine Arts
 covers creativity from painting to photography to movies to the stage and more. You can learn about the importance of spectacle in human life (Eye Appeal: Spectacle on Stage and in Life), how and why Shakespeare continues to be performed after 450 years (Shakespeare Off the Page), the influence of magic on culture (Magic, Media and Popular Imagination), how women are represented visually and how, as feminists, they critique film, television ads, and other popular media (Representing Women). You can even explore the art of life itself (The Art of Life).

Selected Topics in Philosophy, Religion, and Ethics
asks the big questions about human life: what it means, how it should be conducted. You can choose something meaningful but traditional (The Philosophy of Love and Friendship) or something that explores a big issue in contemporary life (Ethics and Technology; Vice, Crime, and American Life; American Dreams), something with a historical flavor (Mystics in America), or even the ultimate questions (Life, Death, and Meaning).

Selected Topics in Historical Perspective brings the sweep of history into a tight focus. While you can explore a traditional subject like Old Europe/New Europe and The New South, you can also zoom in on a time (The Sixties) or topic with laser focus (Religious Resistance to Political Power, Great Trials in American History). You can even look with a historical perspective on topics not usually considered the province of history: American Motherhood and Women, War, and Terror.

With its fresh and varied menu, UNCG's Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies makes an exciting feast for the life of the mind.
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By: Coventry Kessler

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