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10 Great Apps for Online College Students

December 18, 2014 by Kelly Paul |
Kelly Paul

4-OldTypewriterAttending college online is hard work. It’s even harder if you’re juggling a job and family. To make it easier, we’ve outlined 10 great Apps (some free, some with small fee) that can help you stay organized and keep the end goal in sight.

  1. Student Time Tracker (Apple)

    Understand how much time and money you’re putting towards each of your courses, in addition to keeping track of deadlines and projects. This helps you manage your education budget and how much time you need to set aside each week for coursework.

  2. iStudiez Pro (Apple, Android)

    Manage the often crazy schedule of college coursework, create lists, manage tasks, and keep track of your grades/GPA.

  3. WiFi Finder (Apple, Android)

    Know where Wi-Fi is available so you can take advantage of being able to do your coursework no matter where you are. WiFi Finder helps you locate Wi-Fi hotspots and gives you directions to them.

  4. Evernote (Apple, Android)

    Write notes, collect articles and photos for review or use later, and collaborate.

  5. Penultimate (Apple, Android)

    Write notes (yes, actual handwriting), draw, sketch and connect it all with Evernote.

  6. Documents to Go (Apple, Android)

    Create, edit and view Microsoft ® Office files on your desktop and mobile devices.

  7. Pages, Keynote and Numbers (Apple)

    Create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations - for all you Apple users.

  8. Dropbox (Apple, Android)

    Connect all your files across your desktop and mobile devices. And, you can share those files with others by simply emailing a link.

  9. iAnnotate (Apple, Android)

    Read, highlight, mark up, annotate, create and share PDF files. This can help with all those additional readings your professors may assign.

  10. EasyBib (Apple, Android)

    Cite properly in MLA, APA or Chicago Style. EasyBib figures out all the specific requirements you need making those papers much easier to write - and cite – properly.

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What Apps have you found helpful? Go ahead and share what you like and why.


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