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4 Reasons Why You'll LOVE Online Learning 💖💖💖💖

February 14, 2017 by Miranda Lim |

iStock-74411514-blog (1).jpgTaking an online class doesn’t mean breaking up with education as you know it. Your classmates and instructors are only an email, video session, or phone call away. You’ll still have the support you need right at your fingertips.

Starting to feel butterflies? Here are four reasons to fall for UNCG’s online degree programs:

  1. Flexibility: A Relationship You Have Time For

    Connect on your terms. With access to your class 24/7, you can self-pace your learning around work, family, and everything else life throws at you. Find a location with Internet access, bring your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, and class is in session.

  1. Technology: Can You Feel Our Connection?

    You’ll experience new applications of technology in an online class. Course content will be presented in a variety of ways, and you’ll use technology to demonstrate your knowledge. Infographics, videos, and photos are just a few examples of what you might encounter—those selfie skills just might come in handy! (You can get details on what to expect by visiting our Ready to Learn site.)

  1. Customized Learning: We Were Made for Each Other

    Don’t forget that in an online class, you have the opportunity to fully customize your learning experience. If you need to listen to a recorded lecture multiple times to really grasp the content, you can do that. If you want to run a Google search for related topics to better understand the context of the lesson, just open a new tab. With the click of a button, online education becomes personalized just for you.

  1. Support: You’re Never Alone

    If you need extra help with the technical side of things, UNCG has several excellent resources for online students. From Information Technology Services to Jackson Library to the Office of Accessibility, if you have questions, there are professionals with answers.

Make Your Move

Flexible scheduling, interactive courses, immersive learning experiences . . . What’s not to love? If you’re motivated, organized, and ready for a challenge, you’re our perfect match. <3 Check out to learn more about UNCG’s online undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs.

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