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Now is the Time to Earn Your Master's Degree

March 15, 2020 by Mandy Byrd |

Woman smiling in graduation garbMake the most of your time and start working toward your master’s degree. Here’s why you should consider an online program from UNCG.

1. You can customize your learning experience.

In online courses, you’ll learn and interact through tools such as video, chat platforms, discussion posts, and online exercises. When teaching online, professors can utilize technology to present content in different formats for different learning styles. For example, you might listen to a podcast, read an ebook, or watch a recorded lecture to study the material. Didn’t catch everything the first time? It’s easy to go over the material again. (If you’re still not sure about online learning, UNCG Online offers a free quiz to help you decide if it’s a good fit.)

2. Online programs can save you money.

There’s often another benefit to the online format — a lower cost. Online graduate courses at UNC Greensboro are priced lower than face-to-face classroom courses. You’ll find our costs to be competitive with those of other top-tier universities. And because you’re not taking courses on campus, you’ll save on expenses for things like commuting and child care while you’re in class.

3. Online courses are convenient.

With online learning, you can study where you want — in your living room, on your lunch hour, or whenever you have access to the Internet. This may seem obvious, but when you’re balancing college courses with work and family responsibilities, the convenience of an online program cannot be overstated.

4. Most online programs are flexible.

Many online programs are asynchronous, meaning that there are no set class times. So instead of having an 8:00 class, you have the flexibility to go through the course material when it works best for you. You’ll still have deadlines for assignments, of course, but you’re not required to log on for class at a certain time of day. (Note: Some online programs do offer courses at set times, so be sure to check with those you’re considering.)

5. UNCG’s online programs meet high standards.

UNCG has been providing outstanding educational opportunities for more than 125 years. Our online courses meet the same rigorous standards followed by our face-to-face classes. Although you will learn in a different format, you’ll be required to meet specific learning objectives for each course. When you graduate, you’ll earn the same master’s degree that students get on campus — from a respected, fully accredited university.

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