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A Graduate Certificate is a Smart Resolution

January 13, 2017 by Karen Grossman |

New Year Resolution Image.jpgWhile you plan New Year's resolutions for better health and less clutter, don't overlook your career. Do you want that promotion? A different career?

Why not give your work life a makeover too? A graduate certificate may be the answer to quickly put you ahead in your field.

Here are 8 reasons why a graduate certificate is a smart career resolution for a new you.

  1. Stand out in the marketplace

    A graduate certificate can give you a competitive edge in a field you may already have experience in. For instance, as a nonprofit professional, you can upgrade your skills without committing to grad school. You’ll learn grant writing and volunteer management that will make you more valuable in the marketplace. You can apply new marketable skills to get a promotion or a new job.

  2. Gain valuable skills for continuing education

    Staying up-to-date in your career field is a smart move. A graduate certificate helps you develop new skills needed to keep up with a continually developing career, something employers are now demanding.

  3. Build on what you already have

    With a graduate certificate, you’re not starting over. Think of it as building upon your degree. Maybe you already have the necessary degree for a new position or career, but a certificate can help you add specific expertise.

  4. Think you don’t have the time? Think again!

    A graduate certificate is a great option for boosting career potential without a big time commitment. Instead of enrolling in a two-year degree program, you can get a graduate certificate in about half the time.

  5. Earn credits while you decide about a degree program

    A graduate certificate can help you decide if you want to pursue another degree, and you can earn graduate credit in the process. If you get your graduate certificate from an accredited institution like UNCG, your credits may count toward a master’s program if you decide later to pursue one.

  6. Online programs are the same high quality

    Many universities offer quality online programs. Look for reputable faculty like you’ll find at UNCG; we offer the same knowledgeable professors online that you’ll find in our face-to-face programs.

  7. With online classes, you get a flexible schedule

    An online program allows you to manage where and when you do the work—on your lunch hour, over the weekend, at your kids’ gymnastics practice. And you don’t have to quit your current job.

  8. A graduate certificate is a smart investment

    Graduate certificates require fewer credit hours, which means a lower price tag. Online programs are usually less expensive than face-to-face courses. And some employers will help pay. Check your human resources department for information.

Ready to learn more? See what online graduate certificates UNCG offers.


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