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Be Job Ready with Career Development

June 08, 2021 by Karen Grossman |

Photo of man wearing headphones on laptop screen talking to a womanAs you progress through your degree program at UNC Greensboro, you’ll probably have an eye on the job market. While the program will prepare you for your future role, UNC Greensboro’s Career and Professional Development team will help you gain valuable skills to eventually land the job you want.

“Our team also works directly with employers,” says Dr. Megan Walters, associate director for career development. “So when students are thinking through how their major matches to a career, or what kind of career they want, or how to actually go out and get that career, our team can support that effort.”

Be Job Ready

Work with a career coach virtually, via email, or phone so you’ll be well prepared for your job search. Learn to network, discover what job opportunities are available, and develop strategies to promote your skills to potential employers.

Career coaches can help you:

  • Build networking skills
  • Connect to a potential employer
  • Enhance your online presence
  • Write an effective cover letter and resume

Whether you have a job or need help looking for a job or a new career, the center can provide valuable help. A career coach can help you navigate the work process while in school, such as negotiating a schedule with your employer while completing your degree online, negotiating a salary or promotion after graduation, or considering other options.

“We don’t want students to feel boxed in to the one opportunity they’re already in,” she says.

When Should You Come?

Want to get ahead with your career? Contact the center early and often. Walters says students who achieve early success, such as gaining job opportunities before graduating, are frequently the ones who took advantage of available resources.

Relationships matter. If she is working with a student, even virtually, and knows the type of career they want, she can keep an eye out for opportunities for them. If she sees a company or a position they are interested in, she will connect them with that recruiter.

“That opportunity for connection is missed completely if a student hasn’t connected with our office. Building a relationship with our team can be really helpful,” she says.

Beyond Graduation

Resources are available online or through Handshake, UNCG’s online career management platform, for current students as well as alumni. After graduation, alumni have access to all electronic resources, and can seek 1:1 career management support on a case-by-case basis.

Career and Professional Development offers many resources online that alumni can access, such as:

  • joining alumni groups
  • addressing gaps in a resume
  • how to access UNCG Libraries and online resources
  • professional development, such as earning certificates from UNCG Online
  • preparing for grad school
  • resources for launching a business

If it’s 10 years later and an alumnus is looking to re-career from business to teaching, for example, “we may not be able to provide holistic support from start to finish, but we certainly will have a conversation and guide them to the resources that will be helpful,” Walters says.

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