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Using the Library as an Online Student

February 12, 2014 by Kelly Paul |
Kelly Paul

iStock 000020989787SmallIf you're interested in becoming an online student at UNCG, you need to know the library will be a great resource for your studies. Maybe you can't hop down to the beautiful Jackson Library and check out a book, but believe us when we tell you that UNCG libraries are leading the way into the 21st century. We asked librarian Beth Williams what services are available to online students. Her answer was short and sweet: "Everything!"

And they mean it. The UNCG librarians make sure that "As a distance or online student, you have access to all resources that campus based students have." They created a special portal for online students to help you find your way around their website. Watch videos on the Distance & Online Learning Guide. Your research papers will love you for it.

They really mean everything, even help from a real person. Don't miss the iMinerva chat app in the right hand navigation of the online learning guide where you can chat directly with a librarian. Help is just a keystroke away. There is a lot of information in this guide and quite a few training portals. Don't wait until you have a research paper due - start exploring now.

And one more thing about hopping down to Jackson Library: "We will mail books from our collection to students registered as distance students who live outside of Guilford County free of charge." Free of charge? How cool is that?

By: Adam Arney

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