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Connect Your Interests to a Career

May 25, 2021 by Karen Grossman |

Graphic of two women talking via technology about careersIf you’re planning the next steps of your career with courses or a degree program at UNC Greensboro, Career and Professional Development can help. From deciding on an online program to what direction to take with your degree, the center can help you narrow down what you are good at or help you feel validated about the choices you’re making.

Assess Your Interests

If you’re unsure what path you want to take with your career, the center offers career inventories, or assessments, that can help you decide.

Students can take assessments online, and then discuss the results with a career coach over the phone. The assessments can help you learn about your interests, work preferences, values, and the work environment that best suits you. They’re beneficial even for students who think they have everything figured out. For example, they can explain why one job may be better than another based on your work style.

“If salary and benefits are at the top of your list of workplace values, share that information with your career coach,” says Dr. Megan Walters, associate director for career development at the center. “That kind of information can shape your job search! Values are incredibly important.”

Work with a Career Coach

A career coach will help you sort out the results and decide the career path that’s right for you. UNCG has more than 45 online degree programs, including bachelor’s, master’s, and graduate certificates, geared to working adults. You’ll have the academic support of your program advisor and professors, backed by the guidance Career and Professional Development provides for each step in your career.

Need more time to complete your online degree? A career coach will guide you in negotiating a schedule with your employer. Whether you have a job or need help looking for a job, the center can provide valuable help. You may need to negotiate a salary after graduation or consider other job options.

Match Your Interests to a Career

Once you choose a degree program, learn how to match your interests to career opportunities. Learn about the paths majors can lead to, program requirements, training, and pay. Explore careers by industry and interest, and what careers are in high demand in your area.

Once your career path is chosen, a career coach will be a valuable resource to stay connected to the job industry you choose.

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