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Develop Skills for Peaceful Conflict Resolutions

February 24, 2020 by Karen Grossman |

PCS_DevelopSkills-Blog-LSPeople face challenges in many areas of their lives, whether at work, at school, or in their communities. Learn the approaches and skills needed to find peaceful resolutions that build supportive communities and help bring justice for everyone involved.

The online Master of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) helps students develop skills in conflict transformation and peace building.

Build an Environment for Peace

Peace and Conflict Studies provides a foundation needed for peace, social change, and respect for human rights. Students learn to practice conflict management and resolution within a variety of family, community, and organizational settings, finding the best outcome for all involved parties.

Students gain an understanding of conflict resolution, negotiation, violence intervention, collaborative problem solving, facilitation, and mediation models and methods. Students learn how to apply this knowledge in real-world situations, from landlord-tenant disputes to international peace talks, and in many professional settings, such as:

  • refugee services
  • community and humanity-focused NGOs
  • community development
  • Peace Corps
  • education
  • law
  • human resources
  • health care
  • politics

Why Peace and Conflict Studies Is for You

Designed for a career in diplomacy, education, mediation, or negotiation, the Peace and Conflict Studies online MA program allows students to choose from two concentrations: Conflict Management or International Peace Development.

Program highlights include:

  • 33 credit hours
  • GRE not required, but encouraged
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • 7-week terms
  • Field experience practicum (120 hours)

Courses are asynchronous, meaning there are no set class times. Courses cover topics such as Peace Development and Community Building, Skills and Techniques of Conflict Management, Religion: Conflict and Confrontation, and Indigenous Peace Practices.

Students complete the program with a capstone course designed to combine theory, global and cultural awareness, intervention skills, and research through an integrative project.

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For details on the online Master of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies, download a brochure.


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