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Liberal Arts Skills Wanted

April 23, 2018 by Karen Grossman |

The technology field may be growing, but don’t discount a liberal arts degree. Tech jobs are creating a need for liberal arts grads too.

According to an article by Betsy Corcoran in EdSurge, the technology field needs employees with the skills to interpret tech, communicate it in a simpler way, translate data, look at the big picture, and help others understand concepts.

Gain those skills from liberal arts programs like UNC Greensboro’s Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies (BLS) and Master’s in Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS).

The BLS degree is an online degree-completion program that helps you develop skills for a career, not just a job. You’ll learn skills you can use in almost any field.

The online MAAS program will help you develop creative problem-solving skills to apply to the issues you care about.

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