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November 17, 2016 by UNCG Online |

Many kinesiology professionals have responsibilities that take them around the globe, whether they are traveling for work, in the military, or participating in sporting events in other parts of the world. The beauty of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s online Doctor of Education in Kinesiology program is that you have the flexibility to keep these commitments as you continue through the program.

“The online format allows me to stay connected with my faculty and cohort regardless of our geographic location,” explains David Wilkenfeld, a student in the EdD in Kinesiology Online program and athletic trainer at UNC School of the Arts. “I’ve even been able to take part in discussions and video chats while traveling internationally!”

Supporting swimmers in Rio

Another student in the EdD in Kinesiology Online program and athletic trainer, Chris Crawford, has been working with U.S. Paralympic swimmers for the past three years. In September, he traveled to the Paralympic Games in Rio with the team and was responsible for the various athletic needs of the 33 swimmers. 

Crawford says that serving as the eyes of a blind swimmer during the Opening Ceremonies was one of the highlights of the Games, and the experience will last a lifetime.

“It was such an incredible honor that I was able to share this experience with them after knowing all of the hard work and the ups and downs that they each have been through,” he says.

Overcoming obstacles in Qatar

Sara Clawson, another student in the EdD in Kinesiology Online program, works with the TWENTY16 Ridebiker Women’s Professional Cycling Team. Last October, she served as head soigneur at the UCI Road World Championships in Doha, Qatar. It’s a position she describes as “essentially a combination of massage therapist, trainer, medic, nutritionist, chef, psychotherapist, chauffeur, and generally benevolent caretaker.”

Clawson faced several obstacles during the experience—it was 102 degrees on race day, one of the team trucks was swept for IEDs, and her truck was forced off the course by a police officer who did not understand her role in the competition. She says the EdD program has made her more adaptable and less rattled in situations such as this.

One UNCG course in particular, Program Design in Kinesiology and Related Professions, has had a “dramatic impact” on how Clawson sees the dynamics within a cycling team and has helped her be more aware of how she fits into those dynamics.

About UNCG’s Online EdD in Kinesiology

Are you looking for a program that will have a dramatic impact on your career? If you’re a practicing kinesiology professional with at least three years of experience, UNCG’s EdD in Kinesiology Online program may be a perfect fit. The program is focused on scholarship and professional practice in leadership, advocacy, and teaching. The program’s mission is to develop action-oriented leaders in the field of kinesiology with the support of a growing community of scholars.

Visit the EdD in Kinesiology website to read more student stories and get details on the program.

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