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Our Liberal and Interdisciplinary Studies Major Makes It Easier to Transfer

May 18, 2021 by Karen Grossman |

Graphic of man juggling responsibilitiesYou want a bachelor’s degree with plenty of options to fit your career path and your lifestyle. And it needs to be transfer friendly. You can have it!

The online Bachelor of Arts in Liberal and Interdisciplinary Studies (BLS) program has added some updates, so if you’ve considered this program before, it’s time for a second look.

There’s a new General Psychology concentration available this fall as well as updated general education requirements that make it more transfer friendly. Combined with its 15 years of experience as an online-only program, BLS may be the degree you’ve been waiting for.

Now offering four concentrations

The highly customizable BLS program offers four concentrations: Humanities, Social Sciences, Professional Studies, and General Psychology.

The General Psychology concentration was designed for people who are interested in psychology and human-focused careers but who don’t plan to be psychologists. The program provides specific knowledge needed to work in a psychology-related field without the clinical components of a psychology degree.

The four concentrations are designed to help students take credits they already have and apply them to something they can complete a degree in, rather than starting over. For example, the Professional Studies concentration is almost completely customizable and can be constructed out of related courses that the student wants to take or has already taken.

“The Professional Studies concentration is designed with a customized area of emphasis that can include courses from a previously studied field. For example, if you were a student in business, education, or fine arts and decided not to complete a degree in that field, we could apply those courses toward your area of emphasis,” Maki says. “So you would complete the Professional Studies concentration, and your area of emphasis would be business, education, or fine arts because those are courses you’ve already taken.”

Transfer-friendly requirements

New requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences make BLS more friendly to transfer students.

For students who come to the BLS program with 60 credits, the foreign language requirement is reduced to one year. If you have 90 credits, there are no additional foreign language requirements to meet.

There are also now fewer overall requirements for General Education Core courses, with 33-34 credit hours required.

15 years of online experience

An online program offers flexibility for work, family, and whatever you may be involved with in your community. The BLS program was created to be taught in an online format, and faculty are experienced in working with online students.

“We have always and only been an online program,” Maki says. “Our faculty aren’t tied down to traditions about class meetings, testing, or due dates. Our courses are designed to be online, asynchronous, and flexible. We are also very used to the online learner.”

An online learner is typically a full-time employee, someone with family responsibilities like a caretaker or parent, or an active military member, Maki says of the students in his program.

“We are used to a very different demographic. And because of that, our faculty design around flexible assignments, flexible due dates,” Maki says. “We’re not huge believers in the standard exam. We’re much more about projects, papers. Our students have lives, and when life intervenes our faculty are much more understanding and willing to work with students.”

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