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Finishing your bachelor's: restart with an online degree

May 17, 2018 by Karen Grossman |

iStock-869155894If you’re restarting your college career after a first attempt, you can be successful. You can customize learning to meet your needs with online degree programs like the ones at UNC Greensboro.

An article in US News & World Report discusses steps you can take to finish your degree online:

Think about what didn’t work the first time.

Figure out what you struggled with, and find a program, schedule, or courses that are a better fit. Online programs offer convenience and flexibility, and UNCG’s Ready to Learn site helps you assess whether online learning will work for you.

Check the requirements for readmission.

If you failed courses previously or want to re-enroll in a program you dropped out of, you may need to explain why you are better prepared this time around. A program advisor can talk you through the best options.

Take advantage of transfer credits.

Don’t lose credits you already have — see if they count toward your degree. You may also get credit for previous work experience. An advisor will help you.

Ready to start?

Finish your degree online at UNCG. Download a program brochure here.


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