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Singing the post-Super Bowl blues? Put a MALS course in your game plan!

February 08, 2017 by Karen Grossman |

iStock-523059962-blog.jpgThe big game is finally over. No more football until September. And whether you are a super fan or just living with one, you may find that you have some extra time on your hands in the off-season.

Now’s the time to take advantage of the time you spent rooting for your favorite team. Take an online graduate course to get your career in the end zone.

Training camp for your career

Even athletes need training camp, so take a cue from their playbook. Now is a good time to get off the sidelines and start improving your career skills with short seven-week courses in UNCG’s Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) program. These courses develop the in-demand skills employers are looking for—critical thinking, adaptability, and problem solving—in a convenient online format.

Courses that move your career down the field

Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to solving problems, such as a failing business, an outdated school curriculum, or inaccessible health and wellness services. Designers consult with potential users to create solutions. Think of this in terms of business or technology—design isn’t just about art. In this course, you will collaborate with peers to create a solution, develop a design, and launch it.

To continue the football analogy, design thinking is like having the quarterback call an audible. He sees the situation from the perspective of the users (his teammates) and can change the plan on the fly to better suit their needs and goals.

Systems Thinking approaches problem solving by taking a system and all of its parts into account. In this course, you learn to see a system holistically and understand the connections and patterns between elements to develop creative solutions.

Let’s take systems thinking onto the gridiron. The officials look at the big picture during the game, making calls for and against both sides. They see interactions between players and make sure rules and time are adhered to. Their calls are the solutions.

Make the right call

Start the off-season right—with a MALS course. Download our free brochure to learn more.


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