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So You Need to Write a Grant. We've Got a Class for That.

sticky-notes-importantYour nonprofit organization has charged you with writing grants to help raise needed funding.

Economic Impact

You’re well aware of how essential nonprofits are to North Carolina: They provide one out of every 10 jobs in the state, deliver needed services like food banks and hospice care, and pour $38 billion directly into North Carolina’s economy. Your nonprofit is part of this important stream of essential services. 

At the same time, nonprofits are now struggling to respond to client needs because of a drop in funding over the last few years. So being able to bring in grant money from government agencies, corporations, foundations, or trusts is key.

Grant writing is tough.

As one witty person put it, writing a grant is like a cross between filling out a contest form and writing a dissertation. Obtaining grant money requires proving that your program furthers the funding institution’s goals and values and does so effectively. You also have to find a funding source that supports the kind of work your nonprofit does.

One way to get the skills you need to find funding sources and write a successful grant is to take PSC115G: Problems in Public Management: Grant Writing, a 1-hour course that is part of UNCG’s Nonprofit Management Certificate program - available online and on campus. 

PSC115G: Grant Writing will help you:

  1. Understand how important program planning is when developing a grant proposal
  2. Understand the elements of program planning
  3. Talk the jargon of grants
  4. Research and identify different types of funding sources and grants
  5. Understand the basic elements of a grant proposal: community assessment, setting objectives, evaluation techniques, and budget development
  6. Produce a basic grant proposal complying with funding source requirements
  7. Learn how to valuate grant proposals

Even if writing isn’t strictly your thing, understanding how the grant process works and learning grant writing skills will help foster the success of your organization. As taught in PSC115G, effective grant writing is one of the most powerful tools in the nonprofit toolkit.



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