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The Future of Jobs

October 09, 2017 by Karen Grossman |
Develop Skills That Technology Can't Replace

With as many as 50 percent of current jobs forecast to be replaced by smart machines in the next two decades, artificial intelligence is changing the job market. According to a Time magazine article by Joseph E. Aoun, more than 5 million factory jobs have been replaced by machines since 2000.

“It’s become clear: If a job can be automated in the future, it will be,” Aoun states.

With technology replacing some jobs in the workforce, it’s important for students to focus on the human skills that keep them employable, such as teamwork, entrepreneurship, creativity, ethics, and cultural agility. They need “to develop a creative mindset and the mental elasticity to invent, discover and produce original ideas,” he says.

That’s where programs that teach these skills come in. UNCG offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees that focus on creative problem solving, critical thinking, adaptability, analysis, empathy, leadership, and more: the Bachelor of Science in Integrated Professional Studies, the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, and the Master of Arts in Applied Arts and Sciences. Learn more at

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