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This Is the Degree for a Career in a Psychology-Related Field

April 30, 2021 by Karen Grossman |

Graphic of two people talking on a couchYou want a career that fits your interest in psychology, but you need a degree that’s offered online and fits your life.

The online Bachelor of Arts in Liberal and Interdisciplinary Studies (BLS) offers a General Psychology concentration that’s designed for people who are interested in psychology and human-focused careers but don’t want to be psychologists. You’ll gain the specific knowledge you need to work in a psychology-related field without the clinical details that you don’t.

The psychology focus without the research

The General Psychology concentration creates an opportunity for students interested in human services careers, like activities coordinators at nursing homes and case managers in the juvenile justice system. These students often need to know about human behavior and cognition, and to read and write about research, but they won’t have careers in therapeutic or research settings.

“We have a lot of people interested in psychology, but when it got down to the hardcore research side of it, they found that part wasn’t for them,” says Wade Maki, director of the BLS program.

For students who decide the traditional psychology major is not what they want, the BLS concentration gives students credit for those courses and allows them to choose psychology classes that correspond to the settings they plan to work in. Rather than lab experiments, they’ll learn broader methods like survey and observational research that can be applied in most workplaces.

A path to a degree

General Psychology is one of four concentrations available in the BLS program, which connects learning in the humanities and social sciences to your professional life.

Students in the concentration take courses mostly from the Department of Psychology, with 24 credits of psychology courses and two BLS social science courses. Students end with a capstone course that is designed to connect everything they’ve learned in the program.

In this concentration, students will learn to:

  • Connect learning in the humanities, social sciences, and other fields to their professional lives, emphasizing current research in the field of psychology.
  • Think critically and analytically about behavior and mental processes.
  • Understand and explain interconnections between psychology and other fields.
  • Write and be able to analyze and understand what is being written down.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively in an appropriate professional style.

“This is a way for those psychology students who need to go online or don’t want to do the research side, they have a different path to that degree, which will get them out into the workforce,” Maki says.

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