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Defining the Workplace X Factor

July 09, 2014 by Kelly Paul |

UNCG's Division of Continual Learning (DCL) conducted research with the Educational Advisory Board (EAB) to identify in-demand workplace skills that employers in the Triad, Triangle, and Charlotte metropolitan areas of North Carolina seek in their college graduate employees. More than 36,000

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Want to Lead a Nonprofit? A Graduate Certificate Can Help.

If you’re passionate about serving others and currently work or volunteer with a nonprofit organization, you may be considering moving into a leadership role. Furthering your formal education so you are knowledgeable about the operational responsibilities of leading a nonprofit organization can

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Building Skills for a Successful Career Change

May 05, 2014 by Kelly Paul |

Transitioning from one career to another can be challenging - but doable. There are a few key things to consider and steps you can take to make sure the transition is as successful as possible.

The Right Education

Often the critical element when transitioning from one career to another is

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Is a Graduate Certificate Right for You?

Returning to college (whether online or face-to-face) to expand one’s knowledge is done for many reasons; it could be for personal satisfaction, career change, or career growth. No matter the reason, it’s important to review options to determine if another degree or a certificate is the best

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10 Skills Triad Area Employers Look for in Job Applicants

December 20, 2013 by Kelly Paul |

Having a degree from an appropriately accredited college or university, whether earned online or face-to-face, matters when pursuing a career. But did you know there are other qualities that employers look for in job applicants? Here's our list of 10 skills Triad area employers told us they

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Efficient, Effective: Getting a Business Certificate Online

It's never been enough to just get a college degree then abandon formal education. You have to keep learning. Not only is it good for your brain, it's also good for your career. It's something an employer values. Why? Because continual learning demonstrates an eager, creative mind, an employee

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The pros and cons of taking professional development programs online

Every two years, thenumber of transistors on a computer chip doubles. This trend has roughly held true for the past 50 years and is expected to continue for decades. It even has a name in computer science circles: Moore’s Law, coined by the Intel co-founder who predicted this staggering rate

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