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Undergraduate Transfer Q&A

December 17, 2019 by Mandy Byrd |

Graphic image of connected foldersWhether you’re a community college student or you hope to transfer credits earned at another university, we answer key questions below that will help you make the most of your credits.

When can I have my transcripts evaluated by UNC Greensboro?

After you are admitted to the university, the Registrar’s Office will prepare a degree evaluation to show how your previous credits will satisfy your requirements at UNCG. Unfortunately, due to the large number of applicants to our online programs, we cannot evaluate transcripts before you are admitted.

How can I get an idea of how my credits will transfer before I’m admitted?

The UNCG Transfer Equivalency System allows you to look up courses you took at a community college or four-year institution to see how they should transfer to UNCG. Although this does not provide official transfer information, it offers a useful guide that can give you an estimate of how your credits will transfer.

I’m a community college student who wants to transfer to UNCG. How can I find out which courses to take?

The Registrar’s Office offers Degree Plans for North Carolina Community College Students on its website. Just click on your intended major for a printable list of course requirements.

Where can I get more information?

Visit Undergraduate Admissions for additional transfer guidelines.



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