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Want Exciting Courses? The BA in Liberal Studies Has Them.

March 25, 2019 by Karen Grossman |

Woman on computer in living roomIf you’re considering the online Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies (BLS), let the courses help you decide. These aren’t your typical courses. Explore banned books, classical musicals, the role of religion in government, and historic U.S. trials to learn communication, problem solving, and critical thinking—job skills you’ll use throughout your career.

Banned Books

Taboo, forbidden, banned—these are the books you’ll be reading under cover at night. Look at books like Judy Blume’s Forever, why they were censored, and the contributions they’ve made to society.

Singing the American Dream

Explore how musicals have expressed the “American Dream” in the past century. Learn about the forms and elements of musical theater, its creators and presenters, social history, and musicals from Showboat to Hamilton.

Vice, Crime, and American Law

A class of law called vice targets crimes where morality and law overlap—gambling, prostitution, drug use, and hate speech. This course helps students consider what constitutes a crime and how society justifies punishments.

Ethics and Technology

Look at the changes brought on by technology. Use different perspectives to examine ethical problems technology poses and how law and ethics adapt to changes.

Divided We Stand

What is religion’s role in government? Gain an understanding of the relationship between religion and democracy in America by looking at the role of religion and its effects on public policy.

Great Trials in American History

Students are immersed in historic U.S. trials that illustrate changes in American culture, society, and legal customs. These trials are a result of religion vs. science, slave rights, and educational policy.

Risk & Reward: Entrepreneurship in American History

See how entrepreneurs shaped America’s economic development, from the first transatlantic trade routes to the first home computer. Trace early American capitalism from the colonies to the digital age, and see how innovators envisioned new products.

The Sixties

Explore a decade that includes the Vietnam War and movements including civil rights, feminist, environmental, gay liberation, and anti-war. Look at the impact and consequences of this period as well as its continuing influence.

Telling Stories: The Art & Craft of the Memoir

Through memoirs, essays, and paintings, students see how events help portray a bigger picture. They’ll pull from their own pasts for similar creative writing.

Mystery, Mayhem, & Murder

What makes a good mystery story? In this course students do some detective work to discover the appeal of a good whodunit and the methods and approaches mystery writers use.


Create Your Path

The BLS program is a fully online, interdisciplinary program with three concentrations to choose from: Humanities, Professional Studies, and Social Sciences.

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