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What's the Easiest Degree to Get Online?

April 18, 2020 by Karen Grossman |

EasiestDegree626x522You may be searching for the easiest degree to get online, but what are you really interested in? You don’t want to sacrifice the quality or educational experience. You’re looking for a clear and easy path to finish your education.

Here’s what can help make getting a degree easier:

An online platform makes getting a degree achievable. UNC Greensboro’s online programs offer the flexibility to study while you keep your full-time job. Complete your coursework while traveling for work, on your lunch break, or during set times every evening. Log in when and where it’s convenient for you.

Having a network of support will help in so many ways as you earn a degree. Engage with professors and students using online tools to solve real problems, discuss case studies, and present projects. Reach out to professors via email, video chat, or phone during virtual office hours. Advisors and coaches provide guidance in course selection and meeting program requirements. And student support services such as the Writing Center, Career Services, and University Libraries are available right from your living room.

Develop that deep understanding employers are looking for with a degree program that’s anything but ordinary. Programs like the Bachelor of Science in Integrated Professional Studies (BIPS) allow you to apply practical lessons to real-world projects. Gain professional skills you can use right away from courses where you can immediately put knowledge to work. Solve real workplace problems as part of your coursework — get credit on the job and in the classroom.

Are there prerequisites to get into your program and do you meet them? Can you jump into a program and start applying new knowledge right away? There’s real value in a program that you can put to use from day one. There’s also value in a degree from an accredited institution. Employers look for it and many online programs are — make sure the one you are considering is.

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