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Why Online Students Need Academic Advising

September 12, 2014 by Kelly Paul |
Kelly Paul

PIC13714-018Navigating an online degree can get complicated, from understanding the technology involved to taking the right course at the right time, to making sure you apply on time to graduate. Using Academic Advising and checking in regularly with your online academic advisor is the best way to ensure you do what you need to when you need to - so you can graduate at the best time for you. It can also help you avoid pitfalls, like withdrawing from too many courses, running out your financial aid, or going over the total number of credits required for your degree.

Online academic advisors exist to help students graduate as soon as possible. They are typically assigned by your department or program and help you with things such as:

  • Creating a schedule that allows you to fit your courses in the optimum time possible. (Check out our blog post on how many online courses you should take each semester.)

  • Making sure you take all the required courses and you take them at the right time.

  • Adding or dropping a class

  • Changing or adding a major or minor

  • Reviewing your transfer credits

  • Substituting required courses

  • Helping you register for courses

  • Understanding fees and how to pay them

  • Understanding important academic policies

  • Applying for graduation

  • University resources and where to find what you need


Meeting with your academic advisor each semester will keep you on track academically, and will help you complete your degree in the way that best fits your needs.

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