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Will Your Prior Credits Transfer?

February 16, 2015 by Trina Gabriel |

mapAs a transfer student you're likely curious if your prior coursework will transfer to the college or university you now want to attend.

Because of the many applications received by colleges and universities you likely can't get your transcript evaluated by them before you apply because their first priority is to those who have already applied.

Self Evaluation

So how do you figure out which prior credit is likely to transfer? Use university resources to do your own investigative work. After all, it's free and can help you make an informed decision.

Here are a few easy steps.

  1. Get an unofficial transcript.

    Contact the colleges and universities you've attended and request an unofficial transcript. Don't pay for one. This is your preliminary unofficial look at possible transfer credit.

  2. Find your intended college or university's transfer policies.

    Most colleges and universities have this information on the Transfer page of their websites. They will tell you if a minimum grade is required for a course to be transferable or if a university you attended must be accredited. (Check out our blog post on Accreditation to gain a better understanding of why this matters.) If any of your courses do not meet these requirements, mark them out on your unofficial transcript. 

  3. Find the university's transfer equivalency course search page.

    Most colleges and universities provide an unofficial transfer equivalency search tool on the Registrar page of their websites. This tool allows you to see how coursework from your previous institutions have transferred into their institution. At The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, this tool is available through the University Registrar’s Office. (Read any disclaimers or statements by the university regarding use of the tool.)

  4. Start searching.

    Using your unofficial transcript(s), list the possible course equivalencies. 

Ta-da! You’ve done your own unofficial course equivalency.

You should now have a list of potential transfer courses, along with a guesstimate of transferable hours. If you’re feeling good, take it a step further. Try and figure out whether the course transfers in as an elective credit or meets a university or program requirement. You’ll likely need to use the university’s catalog/bulletin or a program degree audit/academic plan to determine how the courses fit into your overall plan of study.  It may take a bit of searching and a few minutes of your time but it’s well worth the effort! 


By: Trina Gabriel

Photo courtesy of Unsplash


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